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Rock Guitar Tab

A collection of guitar tab songs with backing tracks, tap to play along.

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This software is free, click to download the Chord Groover Editor, Synthesised Fretboard software and MP3 recorder.

It was originally written for Windows XP, though should work on 7,8,10 with some installation issues.


Save and print your own chord songs with this easy to use chord groover.

Now with solo notes and chords, edit your own tabs and songs and watch them play on the screen. Real sounds and a two handed animated display to help understand how to play chord changes, with major, minor and 7ths chords. Solo note editor helps you learn the fretboard as you play. Add lyrics and play along with the PC, and save up to 12 bars. Includes crotchet and quaver eighth note rhythms. For beginners or for practice, you can play slow or fast, or use as a backing track. The program is compatable with web browsers for the songs on Guitartab.co.uk.

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD (for Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7)

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD (for Windows 2000/ XP 32 bit UK/US, Windows 7 32 bit UK/US)


Free Guitar Synthesiser that shows you the tab and treble clef as you play it.
Great for learning tab, the stave, notes on the fretboard and more.
Variety of synthesised sounds.

This is what the Guitar Synth looks like:

Click here to download the guitar synthesiser software.
Click here to download left handed guitar version.

Guitartab.co.uk MP3 RECORDER.

This software is free, and you can record and re-record anything that is playing through your PC speakers,
stream songs from the internet or difficult to convert files (eg real, quicktime, minidisc etc).

It is easy to understand and designed to work well with other music programs, just click record.
You can also record live from microphone and line in direct to MP3, plug your electric guitar
into the microphone socket or mix files playing on other programs (eg songs, guitar synth etc..)

It records to MP3, WMA or WAV, and includes a DJ editor to play and loop wav files.

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE MP3 RECORDER (Windows XP Windows Vista/Windows 7, 32 and 64 bit)

Click here for help if your recordings have no sound

Guitartab.co.uk Chord Players and Tuner.

These can be viewed online if you click above.
You can also download the offline versions if you like:

Guitar Tuner.
Chord Player (right handed).
Chord Player (left handed).

Learning Resources and Books:

The Guitartab.co.uk Guitar for Beginners Book includes a CD ROM with integrated software to help with beginners guitar. Click here.

Click here for the homepage.