Rock Chords

Here is a picture of a rock chord:

This is how it is written on the page:

Just strum 2 strings with thumb or plectrum:

This chord is often played with quick repeated downstrokes
by bands like Busted, White Stripes and other rock bands:

Here is another rock chord, A5:

It is the same shape, on another string.

It is called A5 because it has an A note and also the note five along in the alphabet A . . . E.

Try this riff with both chords:

You can play this shape anywhere on the 3 biggest strings
to get a rock chord in any key:

Use the dots, with a 2 fret gap.

Try it two frets up again:

The note you play with your first finger
is the name or root of the chord.
(The other note is the '5')

If you play the chord on other frets and other strings, you can play any chord A to G#.

Here is a song riff with 3 chords on this page:

Summer Loving Tab: