Medium and Long term goals to practicing

Discussion of guitar techniques and practising them.

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Medium and Long term goals to practicing

Postby Colin (site admin) » Wed Mar 15, 2017 9:18 pm

There are well known hurdles to overcome in learning the guitar,
changing from one chord to another is not always fast at first,
using more than two left hand fingers does not usually come naturally to everyone,
using a plectrum for chords as well as solos or both fingers and thumb if not using a plectrum,
finding where different notes are on the guitar,
playing together in a group (as a group),
reading different notations,
these are all things that do not happen immediately but do come with practice.

It is useful to look at these hurdles like these as things to be overcome over a period of weeks,
that won't be learnt in one day but will together improve your guitar technique in the long term.

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