Good scale for improvising

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Good scale for improvising

Postby Colin (site admin) » Sun Oct 30, 2016 11:56 pm

The Pentatonic scale is an excellent scale for playing improvised solos along with songs.
Here is a nice shape that is played in one 'position' - left hand finger 1 on the fret furthest to the left, middle finger on the next, ring finger on the next and little finger on the note furthest to the right:

AmPentatonic.png (9.51 KiB) Viewed 406 times

It is in the key of A minor, and takes it's name from the note shown with a square (fret 5 on E string=A)

If you play along with a song on A minor it should sound nice.
If the song is in a different key you can start the shape on a different fret, e.g. Fret 3 for G minor

ALSO as each minor key has a relative major key, the A minor pentatonic is the C major Pentatonic using the root note on the E string where the little finger is on the E string (eg. Fret 8 for C Major)

So this shape can be used to improvise a solo in any fixed Major or Minor key! :shock:

Most pop and blues songs are in a fixed major or minor key, so have a try and have fun improvising! 8-)

Reply below how it it goes, or give your view on the Pentatonic scale.

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